Preferred Cleaning Services & Reliable Cleaning Services Malaysia

DSM Super Services Sdn Bhd has been established since 1992 providing contractual maintenance, cleaning services for commercial building and highway companies in the country.

The experience and knowledge of DSM Super Services Sdn Bhd is evident in the testimonials and impressive client list. The reputation of DSM Super Services Sdn Bhd lies in the extensive training provided within their workforce to provide the optimum in manpower efficiency, maintenance and operations, quality control, quick turnaround times and superb team work.

DSM Super Services Sdn Bhd is continuously enhancing and improving on their services to provide one of the top services in the Provision of Cleaning and Maintenance services industry. Every client is given the utmost in personalized services, reliability and integrity to develop the trust required for a long-­‐term contractual relationship.

Part of DSM Super Services Sdn Bhd range of total solutions maintenance services include the maintenance and services for industrial and commercial buildings, highways, medical and research facilities, factories, financial and educational facilities, entertainment and airport facilities as well as Pre and Post contract cleaning for construction sites and upgrading works.

"The key of success lies in the pride and dedication of our staff and the effort put into the work to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction."

Why choose DSM Super Services Sdn Bhd

DSM Super Services Sdn Bhd practices a responsive and open line of communication with our clients in the provision of services tailored for the specific needs of our clients in the cleaning and maintenance industry. We do not just impress but we perform in all our undertakings with our clientele of many who are in long term contracts with us.

You can be assured that when we are hired for a cleaning and maintenance contract, we will provide the utmost professionalism in our contract fulfilment. It is our goal to excel and exceed beyond our client's expectations. Everyone of our contractual clients is provided with skilled professionalism, immediate responsiveness and the utmost integrity.

10 key reasons why DSM Super Services Sdn Bhd is the preferred choice when it comes to contractual cleaning and maintenance solutions:

  • 30 years of experience in the cleaning, janitorial and maintenance industry with proven track records
  • Each employee is trained to maintain a strong commitment for a continuous quality assurance standard.
  • We DO NOT subcontract our projects to others. Every project undertaken by DSM Super Services Sdn Bhd is managed and maintained by our own employees.
  • Each and every one of our employees is a documented legal worker who has undergone a stringent and rigorous training program prior to job assignment.
  • We are reasonably priced by watching that every crew we send out is highly efficient to get the job done according to the client's restraints.
  • We are your partners in contract, which means we work with you, the client, to develop an action plan that fits your requirements and maintenance schedules
  • Our quality assurance is our employee monitoring practices to ensure that all our employees conforms to best practices techniques for total customer satisfaction
  • Client satisfaction is our guarantee of success, therefore we pride ourselves in the performance of every contract we uphold
  • On-site quality experts to manage your projects and frequency of site-­‐inspections to ensure quality control
  • We have the best quality in cleaning solutions, machineries and tools as well as the expertise in application and techniques
  • We also provide traffic management services to ensure all traffic is well maintain and safety on the road

DSM Super Services Sdn Bhd Customer Service

DSM Super Service Sdn Bhd clients are not just clients. They are our partners. As our partners, our clients can expect no less than the following:

  • Total peace of mind once the contract is undertaken by us
  • Total dependability and reliability from the first day we start
  • Absolute value for money because we ensure that our service and maintenance team is efficient, that means you do not get 5 persons doing a one person job
  • Efficient call service and quick turn around when you contact us with our well thought out customer service program that ensures that we have a high customer retainer rate
  • Personalized service and individualized attention with the assurance of a management team member on constant supervision at the site for regular and ad hoc inspections
  • We guarantee our cleaning and maintenance solutions with the highest quality of cleaning and environmental friendly chemicals, machineries as well as tools and knowledge
  • We ensure that we provide sufficient manpower to manage your contracts without compromising on quality and service